Journal History

ATAVISME was first published in Jakarta in 1998, by the Azphem Foundation. In 2007, the management and publishing of ATAVISME moved to the Language Center of East Java (originally the Language Center of Surabaya, and then the Language Center of East Java Province, and now Language Center of East Java). The name of ATAVISME had undergone the following changes: ATAVISME Literary Analysis Magazine (1998), ATAVISME Scientific Journal of Literary Studies (2007), and ATAVISME (2016).

By the end of 2015, ATAVISME has started to publish in electronic version under the name of ATAVISME Scientific Journal of Literary Studies, e-ISSN 2477-0000. Since the electronic version should refer to the printed version and, in accordance with the official document SK ISSN no. 259/IV.3.05/ISSN/1998 dated November 20th, 1998, stating that ISSN 1410-900X printed version uses the (only) name of ATAVISME, in 2016 the electronic version began to use the name ATAVISME and obtained a new e-ISSN number: 2503-5215.

In 2019, Atavisme's web address moved from to its current address with Atavisme Vol. 22, No. 2, 2019 as the first volume published in this current website.