Islam Dalam Karya R. Ng. Rangga Warsita

Pardi Pardi(1*)

(1) Kantor Bahasa Provinsi Kalimantan Timur
(*) Corresponding Author


Ranggawarsita as a cultural observer in his era, has a distinctive feature of his own compared to other Java poets. The name of R. Ngabei Ranggawarsita has been attached so much with the life of Javanese until this time. Zaman edan concept in his work Sera/ Kalatidha has become an icon of Javanese thought over the time. The poet has to be known as a Java poet. Whereas, since young Ranggawarsita lived in Islamic culture situation in complience with the dynamic of Javanese life journey. That way, Ranggawarsita can put the Javanese values correlated with Islamic theory in order. Ranggawarsita has a deep understanding toward Javanese and Islamic culture that are expressed in his works, such as Serat Kalatidha, Serat Supanalaya, and Sera/Wedharaga. The analysis of this paper proves that Ranggawarsita can express harmony thought or the equilibrium between Javanese and Islamic thought.


budaya Islam; puisi Jawa; Ranggawarsita

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