Perubahan yang Dominan dalam Novel-Novel Putu Wijaya

Pujiharto Pujiharto(1*)

(1) Universitas Gadjah Mada
(*) Corresponding Author


The aim of this paper is to express Putu Wijaya's novels transition from mimetic, in this paper we called it as modern novel, by taking Pabrik as sample, to the unm imetic novels that we cal led as postmodern novelsby taking Telegram and Stasiun as the sample. The research approach based on Mc Hale Theory (Postmodernist Fiction, 1991 ). Accoeding to him, the transition from modern to pascarnodern novel is signed by a dominant change: from epistemological dominant to ontological dominant. Pabrik rises accessibility. reliability or unreliability, circulation issues and knowledge transmission about factory world through its characters. This novel expresses the mistery of Tirtoatmojo family, the factory director. But, in the gap of cpystemological dominant, in chapter Ill appears the ontological dorn in ant. Ontological dominant appears only once in Pabrik, but in Telegram and Stasiun ontological dominant and epystcmological. dominant eppear by change. The appear of ontological dominant characteristic in Putu Wijaya's novels have similar relationship with pluralistic ontologism landscape that is the character of post modern condition. The reality in this condition is named unreality by Mc Hale.


modern; pascamodem; ontologis; epistemologis

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