Proses Individuasi Carl Gustav Jung pada Tokoh Erika Kohut dalam Novel Sang Guru Piano Karya Elfriede Jelinek

M. Oktavia Vidiyanti(1*)

(1) Balai Bahasa Surabaya
(*) Corresponding Author


A personality structure that appears in Erika is similar to one of an important part of Carl Gustav Jung psychology. Jung states that personality is a psiko that covers consciousness and unconsciousness. This psiko will develop to be a stable unity. If every system develops in every individual absolutely, so a health and integrated personality will be achieved. That process in Jung is known as a self­ individualized process. The aim of individualism is a self­achievement. Individual is not only as a psiko centre but also as a representation of the whole individual that unites consciousness and unconsciousness. It is like the character "Erika Kohut" in the novel "Sang Guru Piano".


Individuasi; consciousness

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